Swiper Guard for Embed smartTouch swiper STS

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Swiper Guard

Buy 5 or more for $35.00 each and save! You will see the discount in the cart.

The swiper guard was created for the Embed smartTouch swiper part number STS. Press On Products was asked if they could create some kind of swiper guard to protect against kids breaking the display screen on the Embed smart touch swipers. At $350.00 a pop, it was too expensive to keep replacing these card readers. We created a polycarbonate mold and shaped it to protect against skee balls and drinks being dropped on the Embed smartTouch swiper. We hope this solves the accidental breakage on these swiper card readers. 

Your order includes:

  • ONE Polycarbonate swiper guard
  • 4 x 16mm M4/.7 Sems screw
  • Please watch the video below to see how easy the installation should be 

We offer bulk discounts since once you try this product we think you will install our swiper guard on all of your Embed smartTouch swiper STS devices.