Press On Products™ March 2016

T1 Instruction Guide

A TouchTunes® compatible jukebox remote

The T1 jukebox remote is a 433 MHz RF remote that is fully compatible with all TouchTunes jukeboxes that are capable of working with the TouchTunes 433 MHz blue RF remote. This includes jukeboxes that use the older Touchtunes grey RF remote when the grey remote is in 433 MHz mode.


Battery Insertion

  • Remove battery cover and insert two AA batteries (included) into the remote observing the +/- labeling.
  • Prior to closing batter cover, insert included screw through cover and then slide screw retainer over screw. Note: This step is optional as the battery cover will close securely without the optional screw.
  • Replace battery cover.

Setting the ID number

The default 3 digit ID number of the T1 remote is 000. If you wish to use a different ID number follow the below procedure:

  • Press and hold the Power and F2 buttons at the same time for 3 seconds to enter programming mode, the red indicator LED will blink THREE times to confirm the T1 is in programming mode. 
  • Using the numeric keypad enter your new 3 digit code. Valid codes are any 3 digit number between 000 and 255. 
  • If you enter an invalid code or you fail to complete the above step within 10 seconds, the red indicator LED will blink 6 times to indicate an ERROR and your ID code will remain unchanged.
  • If your code was accepted the red indicator LED will turn on solid for 3 seconds.
T1 jukebox remote

Teaching the jukebox the remote’s new ID

Unless you are using the same ID code as your previous remote, you will need to teach the jukebox your remote’s new ID code. To do this you may either follow the instructions in the Touchtunes user manual under “Learning the remote” or follow this generalized procedure:

  • Open the jukebox and press the management button usually located on the I/O PCB.
  • Navigate to Home > Hardware > Options.
  • Press the “Learn” button on the jukebox screen.
  • The jukebox will then instruct you to press the “Mic Up” button on the remote. You have approximately 10 seconds to do this.
  • The jukebox will indicate “SUCCESS” if it has learned the remote’s ID code.
  • Confirm your success by trying several of the remotes keys such as power or volume.