Ami Vinyl Stickers Jukebox App Music

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Ami vinyl stickers for jukebox app music

4" diameter easy peel and stick

  1. 70% of all music in bars and restaurants is now played using the music app!
  2. QR code already set so it works immediately
  3. just peel and place it anywhere you want and you're done!
  4. fade proof and heavy chemical cleaning is OK!

Press On Products has made some new improvements over the original Rowe Ami jukebox stickers for bars and restaurants. We created an industrial 3M vinyl sticker 4" in diameter for the Rowe Ami jukebox app that can be cleaned daily and won't fade or get ruined by chemical cleaners. Place the vinyl stickers on tables, menus, the bar, and more! The 4" sticker size is good for table tops and allows customers to scan it and play music on your jukebox. This will increase your revenue stream! Purchase single stickers or save on packs of 10 that are discounted to $1.25 each.