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Introducing the PinJack! - a must-have tool for pinball enthusiasts that saves your back during machine adjustments. This versatile tool is compatible with any pinball machine equipped with factory leg levelers and has a maximum lift weight of 220 pounds. While we recommend using it for loads under 200 pounds for frequent use, rest assured that it can handle the full weight. It's important to note that squeezing the metal grip bars becomes more challenging and may cause discomfort in your hands once you exceed 200 pounds. Additionally, the tool requires regular maintenance by lubricating the center metal bar on the backside.

The PinJack! offers exceptional flexibility. It can be used at any angle on a pinball leg, even in tight spaces with multiple pinball games against the wall. For efficient adjustments, you can even use two PinJacks! simultaneously to adjust the pitch and level of the back of the game. With the PinJack!, you'll complete the task in under 2 minutes.

Please remember that if you have a rubber floor foot protector installed, it must be temporarily removed before adjusting the pinball machine. Once you've made the necessary adjustments, you can safely reinstall the rubber floor foot protector. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the PinJack! for effortless pinball machine adjustments while keeping your back protected.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee no questions asked.


The PinJack® lifts pinball machines by raising the leg of the machine without using your physical body to do the job anymore. You simply align the metal forks to align with factory leg of the pinball machine and squeeze the PinJack® handle to raise the leg off the ground. This cantilever weight is about 110 to 150 pounds when raised since the other three legs are still on the ground. Once the pinball leg is raised you can then spin the metal footplate of the pinball leg to adjust the height of your game. Ideally you would want a leveler device on top of the pinball glass in eye sight view while raising and adjusting the legs of the game so you can do the job in seconds. You can do one leg at a time on the front legs of a pinball machine and see the leveler pretty easily if it's resting on the glass top. The back legs take a little longer with a single PinJack® so we recommend using two.

With two PinJacks® you can raise both legs in the back of your pinball machine at the same time to adjust the pitch and level at the same time. This allows you to quickly move on to the next machine and saves you from having to turtle underneath the machine. Also, you won't need two people to adjust a pinball machine anymore. You can use the two PinJacks® to do what it would take two people normally to do. Raise one leg and then check the leveler. Then raise or lower the other leg to get the pitch correct. You may find it useful for other small devices that need lifting, but it is designed specifically for pinball machines and may not hold up if you are constantly lifting 220+ pound appliances or devices cantilevered. Yes, it will bend or break at some point under constant max lifting. With proper use of lifting one leg of a pinball machine at a time it should last you years since its 110 pounds cantilevered weight and the MAX weight is 220 pounds before the internal metal mechanism will break. 

  • No need to crawl under the pinball machine for leg adjustments (turtling).
  • No more balancing the pinball machine on your knee for pitch and level adjustments.
  • Raise and adjust pitch/level of back legs simultaneously for faster process.
  • Save your back, reduce strain, and save time for employees handling heavy pinball machines.
  • Watch the instructional video for easy and controlled raising/lowering of PinJack®.
  • Replacement warranty claim within 30 days if PinJack® doesn't function properly (excluding misuse).
  • Misuse of PinJack® can cause injuries and damage; no liability beyond manufacturing defects.
  • Use the sides of the leg leveler for adjustments, avoid placing fingers/hands underneath.
  • Ensure PinJack® is not moved or left unattended during use.
  • Do not lift objects not properly fitted on the footplate and forks.
  • PinJack® designed for lifting one leg of a standard commercial pinball machine (110-150 pounds).
  • Max lift load is 220 pounds, no warranty for bent/broken forks or footplate caused by misuse.

PINJACK - Safety Warranty Responsibility & Liability Disclaimer 

  • For first time users you MUST watch our quick instructional video to understand how to raise and lower the PinJack® with ease. You do not need to use the quick release handle all the time and have the pinball machine slam to the ground. There is a very easy way to slowly lower the pinball leg, do not skip this, WATCH THE VIDEO it's only 60 seconds.
  • We only allow for a product replacement warranty claim within 30 days in the event the PinJack® clearly won't raise or lower itself properly within the first or second use of it. If the internal metal lifting bar is bent or broken you lifted too much weight and voids the manufacture warranty. If the internal metal bar is not broken, then it is slipping, and we will immediately replace your PinJack®.
  • The misuse of the PinJack® can cause injuries to your fingers, hands, and damage your tool. We do not accept any claims, damages, liability, or responsibility beyond manufacturing defects of the product not raising or lowering properly on its first or second use. We allow a maximum of 30 days to use the product and allow for a replacement due to manufacturer defect of the internal metal lifting bar.
  • At all times use the sides of the leg leveler to adjust the height. Never put your fingers or hands underneath the leg leveler.
  • You might be in a crowded work environment with kids and adults around you while you are raising and lowering the pinball legs. It is your responsibility to not let anyone move the PinJack® while in use, or crawl under the pinball machine while you are servicing it and have it lifted off the ground. Never leave the device unattended.
  • Do not attempt lifting objects not properly fitted on the footplate and forks.
  • Don’t overload your pinJack®. The PinJack® was designed to lift one leg of a standard commercial pinball machine cantilevered, which is approx. 110 to 150 pounds. You will only damage your tool by lifting something else like a video game or redemption machine that this device was not designed or intended for and goes beyond lifting 220 pounds.
  • The max lift load is 220 pounds, there is no warranty for bent or broken forks or the footplate. If the internal metal lifting bar mechanism is bent then this was from misuse, this can only happen if you exceed the maximum lift load weight of the PinJack®.

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