Embed AIO V5 HD Color Glo Swiper SWR-001

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Embed HD AIO V5 Color Glo Swiper

part number SWR-001

These are the last units we have on hand and once they are sold we will be permanently out of stock as Embed has discontinued them. They are slightly used and in near mint condition. We guarantee they have been tested and work, and offer a 90 day return policy should you have a problem with it.

The Embed all in one v5 (AIOv5) swiper is a device that combines the functionality of a controller v5, Swiper. Embed wireless and is all within the one shell. Once installed the AIOv5 is simple to use. All of the functionality is played behind the scenes and it only
takes the swipe of a magnetic card to unleash the fun of a game or to collect your Etickets.
The AIOv5 is supplied with a MW GS18B12-P1J AC/DC Plug pack which is used to
power the Embed AIOv5.

The smartTouch Swipe has an integrated Wi-Fi module. The SmartTouch is configured to attach to the networking and security information with the use of a special staff card. The SmartTouch swipe is very simple to use . User simply present their cards over the display or the user inserts the card in the card slot and swipes . The user only needs to ensure the card is tapped within the display area of the SmartTouch swipe or the card can be swiped in either face up or a face down direction in the card slot.

The functions available to the user include :
E-Ticket collection
Start/ Play game
Check Card balance