Embed Card Dispenser TTCE K100-B

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TTCE-K100-B Embed card dispenser

The Embed card dispenser TTCE K100-B supports contact and contactless IC card handling with SIM card encryption. It includes an extended card holder for a maximum card capacity of 400 pieces and supports the IC card and RFID card reading and writing capabilities. The kiosk dispenser is an RS232 interface card reading dispenser that works with Embed systems. We offer free shipping on all of our products including this kiosk dispenser.

Embed TTCE K100-B Specifications

Support multiple cards – IC card and RFID card reading and writing

Extendable card hopper - Max loading 400pcs (card thickness 0.76mm).

Card adjustment rotator-Support thickness 0.2-2.0mm

Smart alert status - Support card empty, dispensing trouble alert.

Error card box - For error card collecting (25pcs) and can be hollowed to collect more.

Super card dispensing ability -Special card rubbing wheel structure and abrasion resistant rubber material ensures dispensing cards successfully one at a time. 

Patent No. : 200620148190.2-Six optional card thickness adjustment.